Controlware provides Broadcasting Solutions that transport video and audio over network infrastructures. These solutions include integrity processing, quality analysis, as well as umbrella OSS & EMS systems  for the professional video and audio industry.
Our expertise in the field of broadcasting rests on 10+ years experience, a large worldwide installation base, extensive product range, concepts and solutions. Today technology is rapidly evolving providing new ways to broadcast video content creating further opportunities for innovation and growth (Digital TV (DVB-T), Mobile TV (DVB-H) , IPTV, Web-TV). Controlware’s mission is transport optimisation and the improvement of QoS for transmission of video streams. 
Optimisation  is all about providing the best solutions while reducing connectivity costs, and maintaining high quality operations and services.
The complete Controlware range of products deliver a choice of native uncompressed SD and HD video transport streams as well as compressed/encoded video signals over several network infrastructure configurations: e.g. WDM optical fibers, SONET/SDH, ATM, and IP. The transport of audio and video signals rests on a large portfolio of converters, embedders and transceivers (OE/EO), while splitters, TDM, CWDM, DWDM solutions increase the potential of fiber optic infrastructures. Finally,  fiber splitters and switches enable connectivity backup mechanisms for creation of resilient solutions. 
Whatever your project requirements...

  • Migration from legacy transport infrastructure to Ethernet / IP
  • Transport of compressed video (DVB-ASI or ATSC) over  IP, fibre, SDH. (Contribution)
  • Transport of native SD/HD-SDI, SDTI video over  IP, fibers
  • Analogue (PAL, NTSC), SD-SDI, HD-SDI signals coding and decoding (under MPEG2, MPEG4 part10 AVC (H264) , JPEG2000)  over IP
  • Launching new services related to the transport of live video for worldwide events (sport, news, entertainment)
  • Deployment of DVB-T or DVB-H infrastructures  (distribution)
  • Confidence monitoring

     ... Controlware is your  ideal partner.

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